How long does it last?

Each individual session lasts for 50 minutes and we meet every week at the same time.  The duration of counselling will depend on what brought you to counseling in the first place.  You may need short-term therapy lasting 6-12 sessions or longer-term therapy if you have more to talk through.

How will I know when we’re finished?

Throughout our time together we will review how things are progressing and work towards ending at a time that’s suitable and comfortable for you.

Missed sessions

I ask that all holidays are notified seven days in advance and cancellations should be made within 48 hours.  For missed sessions or those not cancelled within 48 hours, the session fee is payable.

What about confidentiality?

It’s important to be safe in the counselling room, and everything that is discussed is held within the room.  I operate within the Ethical Framework of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) of which I am a member.  The only time I may need to break confidentiality is if you are a risk to yourself or another person.